Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Trip-Weekly Wrap-Up

The Orange I Drew This Morning.

Well The past two weeks have been ok, the thing I don't care for is that I do pretty much everything my
Brother, Matthew's supposed to do, because he had his appendix removed, friday night two weeks ago.
That is the one of many reasons why I have not updated my blog in so long, but I will try to from now on.

My Brother has to wait three weeks before doing any health & fitness, moving alote, weight lifting, in less words NO EXERCISING ALOTE ( which is hard for him). But gladly next Friday he will be able to do more than he's been doing ( I'm glad, because that means less work for me .)

Well I guess thats pretty much it,
Will put more on later,
The Writer Of A Lifetime
       ( Sarah G. )

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