Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Buried City of Pompeii

The Buried City of Pompeii
I read a book in history this week, it’s about Pompeii. Pompeii is a City in Italy. In Pompeii there was an eruption of a volcano, this volcano is called: “Mount Vesuvius.” Mount Vesuvius is just a short distance from Pompeii. Since an eruption around 79 A.D. There has been several more eruption’s.
Although everyone of the Villa’s in Pompeii are completely covered with hard molten lava, the archeologists have found so many artifacts, of the buried city of Pompeii’s culture. I will tell you a little bit about the culture in Pompeii. Here are just a few of the things.
In Pompeii, People wear animal skins, Cloth And Leather. They take bath’s at a “Bath House.” In the Bath House They Have a “Excersizing Area, A Massage Room, Some Bathing pool’s, A steam bath, And a cold bath. They grow the BEST grape’s for wine people say, because of the extra fertile ground. If you are wondering why I said extra fertile, I mean The ashes from the Erupted Volcano, made the ground fertile.
They also, have a marketplace, but there marketplace wasn’t anything like wal-mart. In there marketplace, they sell Fish, Bread, Perfumes, Wine, & a fish sauce( That they say had a little odor). The archeologists said when they went to a villa & found some fish sauce, that you could still smell the fish sauce after about 1700 years.
There is a Incident, which I found very funny. In this incident, a priest had been eating his lunch when the volcano erupted, & the archeologists found his lunch, his lunch consisted of some eggs and a cup. The cup is believed to have had some sort of wine in it. They almost did not believe that the egg’s had lasted so long, but the archeologists said the only way that they survived is because they had become petrified as stone. All in all there culture & lifestyle is very interesting, & would be neat to see.
Today you can visit the city, where, the archeologists have uncovered & solved many mysteries

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