Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Helping Hands By Sarah G. - Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sarah Grace, who lived in a little log cabin in the big woods. He uncle, Hank, owned a huge farm close by. His huge farm needed repairs done on it. It was an old farm that no one had lived on for quite some time. It was in bad need for some repairs. There were so many repairs, Uncle Hank would need some help. He decided he would call his family to help. His family was glad to help, so they came right over.
When the family arrived, they immediately jumped on the job. Sarah began working on the fence's gate. The sleepy head, Elton, started to work on the fence also, but slowly drifted in to a deep sleep on the ground. Zeph began painting the barn. He had more paint on him than the barn. Traci likes to plant flowers, so she started weeding the flower beds. All of a sudden, everyone heard a terrifying scream, "Ihhhhhhhh, a s-s-s-sna-ke!" This terrifying scream woke up sleepy head. He jujmped up so fast, he hit his head on the fence post, which knocked him right back in to another deep sleep. Uncle Hank ran to Traci's rescue and killed the snake.
Grandma had called Uncle Hank that morning, but he did not answer. Instead, Uncle Hank had left a message on the answering machine. It said, "Sorry, I can't answer my phone right now, I am outside in the yard with my family." When grandma heard this message, she thought they were having a picnic. So she grabbed her picnic basket and packed it full of goodies and off she went to Uncle Hank's.
Uncle Hank said, "I am going tyo the store now because our supplies are running out. I'll be back soon."The rest of the crew was getting hungry, so they decided to eat. Sarah Grace got out the thermos of tea and the bag of sandwiches she had brought. Sarah Grace also woke up sleepy head and asked him if he would like something to eat. He said, "Yes, I believe I will take some breakfast." Not long after they begin to eat, they heard a car. Zeph said, "That must be Uncle Hank with me some more paint." Instead, it was grandma. She jumped out of her car, with her picnic basket in her hand, and said, "Why didn't you all tell me that you were having a family picnic?" Grandma took out a big fat juicy watermelon. It was so good! Grandma asked, "Where is Uncle Hank?" Traci said, "He went to the store to buy more supplies. We are working on the farm."
Uncle Hank returned with the supplies and everyone finished their jobs. It was a long hard day, so everyone was tired. Everyone got in their vehicles and went home, took a bath, and went to bed.
This is my Creative Writing story for the week. Tell me what you think. Did you think it was funny about the snake or Mr. Sleepy head? Sarah Grace

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