Monday, March 28, 2011

Who's The Joker ,A Short story book By; Sarah Grace

"Who's The Joker"
Jack was a joker. It was his sisters job to count and collect the pepsi cans, to see how much money they would bring at the counter in the store. One week Jack said to himself "I'll just play a little trick on Kari". He hid one can from his sister until after she was done counting, he then put the can in the sack along with the others. There Dad, Jarred took the pepsi cans to the " CrowTown Recycling Factory". When he came back Jarred told them that there were ten cent more than added. Jack smiled & thought, boy wait until tomorrow. The next day Jack did the same except this time he took two cans. Jarred came home & told them about the mishap. Jack laughed outloud, his dad asked:"Why are you laughing". Jack replied: "not anything except for this funny little incedent", "Oh, well your to help your sister count tomorrow, you here": said his dad. "Yes, I here dad":answered Jack, but in his mind he was saying" we'll see about that". The next morning Jack did the same as the last, except he took three cans this time, He did not know that Kari had noticed that there was one can extra the first, two the second, and then she figured that there would be three extra today, so she added three extra to the list. Jarred told Jack " if the cans are as counted I'll pay you four times as much than usaul, then he left. In Jacks mind he was saying " Oh know now I'm not gonna recieve four times as much the pay". The rest of the day he was so worried that he told Kari, and she laughed. He asked her why she was laughing, and she said:"Because, I added three extra cans, cause I figured something was up". Jack said:" you little Rasckal". At the end they all laughed.


Jakob said...

I love that coment you did on Aprill fools day I just wanted to say that I did that post this mornong. And I all ready have a coment on it!!!!!

Sarah Grace said...

Well, your welcome. Hope you have fun tommorow