Friday, August 12, 2011

Hi, sorry I haven't been on in a while, but it was the summer, & I'm really usually really busy during the summer, & you guessed it, that is exactly what happened, & "Matthew's Mysterious Blog" Is Going To Be Moved, He Has Not Made A New Blog Yet, But He is going to make a new one soon, Here is why he Has to move to a new blog-->
He Has To Move too A new Blog Because Me, His Sweet Old Sister decided to get o his laptop, & Accidently Forget He was logged in not me, so I wanted to seee his gmail profile, & I did not know that his Profile was yet to be made, So Everything that he signed up for with His Gmail was deleted, But He Has A new Gmail now, & is Going to make a Blog soon, & Yes, I have learned my Lesson.
Anyway Other than that mishap we have been good, Did I mention That My Brother Had His Appendix removed this summer, While He Was At his very First Youth Camp.
I've been doing pretty good, I Did not have any surgery's, Thank You Lord
So What Have Ya'll Been Up To?

Oh Yea Here is some pictures I drew This week for schooling!!!
My Health Picture

My Nature Picture
So I guess That's Pretty Much what's been going on this summer,
Until Next Time,

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Traci's Teaching Times said...

I'm thankful you have learned your lesson. Your writing sounds great. I'll get your daddy to stop by and check the punctuation & grammar. Keep up the good work by keeping your blog up to date.